Hemp as an insulation material

Yes, you've read that right! Our beloved hemp plant can be used as a natural insulation alternative and we'll explain to you how and why it's so great.

Hemp as an insulation material
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Hemp has many sustainable and unique properties that we've already talked about a lot. And some of them make hemp a great insulation material:

As you might already know, hemp is a natural regrowing plant that has a positive CO2-balance since it is able to sequester it. Since hemp shades the soil, weeds cannot grow on it and therefore no herbicides are needed. The insulation material made of hemp can be disposed of and recycled without any problems.

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Another aspect that underlines the sustainability of hemp as a raw material is that the entire plant is usable for a wide range of commodities. Hemp is also inherently resistant to insects due to its bitter taste, eliminating the need for chemicals and pesticides for harvesting. Additionally, hemp grows very quickly and therefore can be harvested multiple times a year.

Hemp insulation materials are suitable for roof insulation, exterior and interior wall insulation and for flooring in old and new buildings. The material has the ability to protect against mold if the fibres are not exposed to permanent moisture, as the stored silica keeps the insulation from getting moldy. Hemp insulation also supports a natural and healthy indoor climate: it protects against heat in summer and against cooling down of the premises in winter.

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Hemp insulation has also the ability to dampen noise, making it suitable for filling small cracks, for example, in doors and window frames in the form of so-called tamping hemp. What could pose a challenge is hemp's high flammability. Therefore, hemp must be treated to achieve fire safety. Adding soda or boric salt to hemp material can increase its fire resistance to average levels.

In order to use hemp as an insulation material, hemp fibers, especially the stalks, are processed into an insulating fleece by breaking and rolling, which saves energy. The estimated costs for hemp insulation materials usually lie in the middle price segment for ecological insulation materials.

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