Pioneering the Future of Food: The Healthy Innovation Conference in Dubai 2024

Signature Products GmbH was proud to attend the Healthy Innovation Conference (HiConf) in Dubai, with our CEO Florian Pichlmaier taking on a role as a panellist to discuss the hemp perspective on the future of food.

Pioneering the Future of Food: The Healthy Innovation Conference in Dubai 2024

On 29 February 2024, industry leaders gathered at the Healthy Innovation Conference (HiConf) in Dubai to discuss the future of food.

Signature Products GmbH was proud to participate in this important event, with our CEO Florian Pichlmaier taking on a role as a panellist in the panel discussion: "The Transformation from Meat to Alt-Proteins - Driving New Technologies".

Healthy Innovation Dubai-HiConf 2024-Shaping the Future Life
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This panel discussion brought together leaders from across the globe including, alongside Florian, Chris Bryant, renowned for his insights into consumer behaviour towards alternative proteins; Tilen Travnik, a pioneer in food technology innovation; David Yeung, whose advocacy for plant-based diets has inspired millions in Asia; and Patrik Huber, known for his groundbreaking work in sustainable food solutions, to explore the burgeoning field of alternative proteins, which is critical for sustainable food systems.

The role of hemp in the alternative protein landscape

When researching different sources of alternative proteins, hemp stands out for its nutritional value and environmental sustainability. At the panel, our CEO explored the diverse applications of hemp protein, hemp seed oil and hemp seeds in food and the potential path for their increasing use in our diets.

Hemp protein, with its high-quality amino acid profile, represents a sustainable and healthy alternative to conventional meat and milk proteins. Hemp seed oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids, and hemp seeds, which are rich in vitamins and minerals, also emphasise the potential of hemp as a superfood.

Hemp-based food is the sustainable protein-source of the future. Regionally cultivated, organic and without pesticides.

Considering the diverse audience from Europe and Asia, and especially since hemp is not widely known or used in Asia it was an interesting moment for Florian to ask the international audience the question: "How many of you know that you can eat hemp without getting high?".

The fact that, as expected, not many hands went up testified to the importance of Florian's participation in this panel. The truth is that we still have a long way to go to educate people about the benefits of hemp. Our CEO's contribution to the panel sought to educate and raise awareness of the benefits of hemp among attendees.

He also mentioned the global applicability of hemp, its role in the development of sustainable food and its environmental benefits, including lower water consumption and lower carbon footprint compared to traditional protein sources.

Looking to the future

The Healthy Innovation Conference in Dubai was an important step on our journey towards integrating hemp into the food industry. The insights gained and connections made at the event are another building block on the road to a more sustainable and healthier food system.

As we continue to explore the great potential of hemp, we are inspired by the collective enthusiasm for change and innovation that was evident at the conference.

Hemp in the food industry: A look at the future
Hemp seeds, once a by-product of industrial hemp production, are now attracting the attention of the food industry due to their high nutritional value thanks to their high oil and protein content and their antioxidants.

Signature Products GmbH remains part of this movement, driven by a vision of sustainability, health and innovation. Together, we are paving the way for a future where alternative proteins like hemp are not just an option, but a cornerstone of our diet.

Photo by Lily Banse / Unsplash