Building Bridges in the Hemp Industry from Europe to Latin America

Building Bridges in the Hemp Industry from Europe to Latin America

Recently, Florian Pichlmaier, part of  the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) and CEO of Signature Products GmbH, and Nicole Rosania, representing the Latin American Industrial Hemp Association (LAIHA), met in Bogotá, Colombia, thus taking an important step in strengthening global cooperation in the hemp industry.

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Who is EIHA? The EIHA, on the one hand, is a prominent voice in the European hemp industry, unites companies and experts dedicated to the development of hemp and its various uses. Known for its advocacy for progressive policies, the EIHA plays an important role in shaping Europe's hemp market, supporting its members through legislative changes and promoting the vast potential of hemp.

Who is LAIHA? LAIHA, on the other hand, is a relatively newer entity, with similar objects as EIHA in Latin America. It focuses on establishing a robust hemp industry in the region, tackling legal barriers, and fostering economic growth through hemp cultivation and production.

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The Bogotá Meeting: In Bogotá, Florian and Nicole discussed strategies to strengthen the links between the European and Latin American hemp markets. The aim was to find ways to support each other in order to expand the market, develop the legal framework and engage in political lobbying.

Legal and Political Collaboration: Harmonising the legal and regulatory framework between the EU and Latin American countries is important to ease trade restrictions, set quality standards and ensure consumer safety. Both organisations see the importance of a unified approach in lobbying for a favourable hemp policy.

Economic Synergies and Market Growth: From an economic perspective, a possible cooperation between EIHA and LAIHA could be promising. By facilitating trade, sharing market knowledge and encouraging investment in hemp infrastructure, market growth could be stimulated in both regions.

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Strengthening the Global Hemp Community: The meeting in Bogotá supports and strengthens the existing global hemp community. A possible collaboration between these organisations could set the course for a future in which hemp is recognised in both Europe and Latin America and its full potential is realised.

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